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Anna Chalmers

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Welcome to Accessible Interiors, my very own passion filled project with unique design advice for creating stylish, yet functional homes.

Explore my website for information on how I combine my years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, with my passion and love for interior design. 

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Anna Chalmers

Home Design Occupational Therapist BSc (Hons)


I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2003 and it is a job that I love and feel incredibly passionate about.

Within my day job as a Neurological Occupational Therapist,  I have developed a growing interest and desire to explore home design and interior styling as a way of creating spaces that encourage functional independence and promote well-being. Many of my clients have been required to adapt, modify or even move out of their pre-existing homes, due to changes to their physical, cognitive or psychological needs. 

I have seen a growing need for stylish yet functional adaptations, which don't dominate and conceal an individuals sense of style or character. 

So emerged the idea for 'Accessible Interiors'. A way in which a person can lead as independent lifestyle as possible, whilst living in their own stylish and fucntional environments.



Accessible Interiors, is a unique service incorporating Occupational Therapy and home design. 

I have experience in tackling a wide range of projects, from the initial planning stages of new build properties, to introducing small modifications to overcome functional problems. I can also advise on home styling, spatial planning, future proofing and organising your home to maximise function

work alongside architects and tradesmen and equipment companies, and can recommend and source a large variety of adaptive equipment and SMART technology. 


What I offer

  • Planning/structural design of new builds or existing properties

  • Home redesign and spatial planning

  • Kitchen/ bathroom design

  • Minor modifications

  • Sourcing of equipment and interior products

  • Future proofing homes


Who I work with

I am able to offer support and advice for anyone that feels they require some help or guidance to make their home more functional, more accessible or wish to be more independent. 

I specialise in providing advice for  physical, cognitive or psychological conditions, and have worked on wheelchair accessible designs, to future proofing homes and recommending small modifications to manage fatigue, visual difficulties or memory problems. I also have experience of working with busy, professionals who just want to be able to maximise their functionality to promote health and well-being. 

 I enjoy being able to use my knowledge and experience, to help clients use mainstream products, wherever possible, to achieve the functional outcomes required, without compromising on style.   


Services Available

Home Design

I offer one to one consultations for whole house or single room projects, from the start of the project right through to completion.   

Minor modifications

I can recommend small changes to whole houses or single rooms to make a space work better, via face to face consultations or remote intervention.  

Remote therapy

I offer remote consultations to help with exploring initial ideas, 

recommending products and getting projects underway.  

I can also offer advice and guidance to small business and commercial projects. 

Please contact me directly for specifications and costs.  

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Anna Chalmers

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


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